How It Works

The BiologicsDirect™ offers a unique way to improve the way the blood industry does business. Our unique platform revolutionizes the way you do business on a day to day basis. By tremendously streamlining the entire process, our platform will save you time and money.

For Blood Suppliers, you can easily manage your inventory and update your offerings, all from within your dashboard. Changes are reflected immediately on the market, making your products available to consumers around the country, all with a few simple clicks.

Users can login, and see their inventory, adjust pricing and quantities, and manage daily tasks like shipping management all in one place. You can see what items need to be shipped, where they need to be shipped to and control your flow utilizing the easy-to-use tools in your dashboard.

Want to know what other suppliers have been selling their products for recently? The information is immediately available at your fingertips by rolling your mouse over a price. Listing blood products and connecting with buyers couldn't be easier.

For Consumers, our platform makes it easy to search blood products for sale from a broad market of suppliers. Simply select the product you're looking for, and you'll be instantly presented with products from all over the country.

Quickly sort what's available by a number of criteria, such as price, units available, or remaining shelf life.

Simply select the products you wish to purchase, and move on to the next product you're looking for. By expanding the number of suppliers you now have access to, and providing a competitive market for them to offer products, you'll easily save both time and money.

Blood Products

All Products FDA Approved

Red Blood Cells Leukopoor - A+ A- B+ B- AB+ AB- O+ O-

Red Blood Cells Non Leukopoor - A+ A- B+ B- AB+ AB- O+ O-

FFP 200 cc - A B O AB

Cryoprecipitate - A B O AB

Platelets Whole Blood Derived - A B O AB

Platelets Apheresis - A B O AB

Red Blood Cell Packages - Predetermined mix of ABO types

Specialty Products - RBCs & HLA Compatible Platelets